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August 2020

Our volunteers are back working at Toddington and ensuring they observe social distancing in the current circumstances, with maintenance and preservation work underway. Lineside vegetation never stops growing, but is being kept in check.

The worst of it in tthe headshunt.

Both JUSTINE and CHAKA passed their annual boiler tests. JUSTINE is currently undergoing a repaint after its overhaul.

The Red ex-Trecwn brake van has been repainted and looks very smart. Some rotted woodwork has been replaced. A few small exhibits such as the Wembley coal truck and an ex-LMS sack truck have been rebuilt and restored to a very high standard.

Lockdown projects completed.

The Board has discussed at length the possibility of restarting public train running, but as things stand, it is unlikely to happen at present. There may be some staff refresher trains run over the next few months.

Looking to the future, we are in need of new volunteers for various tasks, please get in contact if you feel you have something to offer. You will find we are a friendly and welcoming group.


March 2020

A surprising amount of work has been done since we last ran in October. California Crossing Signal Box now has both windows back in place with all the puttying of the glazing complete along with a new floor support timber and panelling underneath the windows.

California Crossing box with restored windows.

Many sleepers including some of the longer timbers used in point work. With completion of the track work programme, attention has now shifted to clearing lineside brambles and undergrowth. A very good start has been made. The line was blocked with piles of prickly brash which was removed the following Wednesday. There’s plenty more to be cut back.

Justine has been rebuilt and steamed to pressure with a couple of minor leaks attended to, ready for the boiler inspector to pass.

As with most of the country, work stopped mid March in line with Covid-19 emergency restrictions. Alas this was the day before Justine's and Chakka's booked boiler inspections were to happen. We may need to look again at our running dates previously shown on this site when there is an end to this situation in sight.