NEWS 2012

January 2012

This year we are celebrating our 50th year in railway preservation. In consequence we are holding a special open day on Sunday 7th October that will include all our operable steam locomotives plus visiting engines on an extended passenger service. Fuller details will be announced in due course. We will also be running trains on every Sunday from April 8th until September 16th.Luckily some recent increases in our working members have allowed us to do this.Due to retirements far more work on the rolling stock and infrastructure is also taking place and many projects are currently in hand.

Restoration of the Gloucester carriage is proceeding well. Both oak bufferbeams have been attached to the frame and new floorboards have arrived for fitting in due course. Attention is now being given to the bodywork, with rotten panels being removed at one end.

High winds in December damaged a couple of rooflights in the main shed building, but we were able to get a contractor in before Christmas to obtain and fit new panels. This may have saved further damage occurring during the holiday period when there was more bad weather.

Access to our site will be restricted for most of January and February with our entrance road closed while a new building for the standard gauge is erected on the site of the now demolished DRPS shed.

More work has been done on the Hunslet diesel with the discovery of wear on part of the control mechanism which will be built up with weld. The wear could be the cause of the loco’s drive not always disengaging when it should.

Shed road number one and the point in the yard have been completely resleepered with work proceeding on road two.

A concrete base is to be made for the Permanent Way hut we acquired last year, after which it will find use as an S & T workshop.

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